We are committed to

Transform the thinking and behaviour of adults in relationship to children by presenting the foundational research and theories in Child Development.

Provide parent/guardian support and education to support parents/guardians to develop healthy relationships with their children and to love and care for their children intelligently.

Provide training courses to support our work with the most disadvantaged children.

Support the successful development of teachers and caregivers by a series of Montessori Training Courses: Montessori Internship Program, Montessori Level 1 & 2, Montessori Diploma Program, Nannies Program, Special Education Series.

Invest in National Leaders, who will transform their nation for Christ.

Provide training courses to support our work with the most disadvantaged children through our Montessori Christian Nursery and Primary School.

Cause educational reform through transformation of teachers and other adult in the field of education.

Support the development of Montessori schools and the spread of Montessori Educational Philosophy and Methodology within the nation of Malawi.

We believe these goals are best met in partnership with other committed organizations. Therefore we work in partnership with social and educational entities both public and private to see the development of best practices in education and social welfare for children.

In partnership

Empowering teachers, parents, guardians, leaders, and caregivers with the knowledge and skill to effectively teach and care for children.

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